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Raising The Boss is a phenomenal book. It is a perfect guide to any new entrepreneurs with a vision, Angel provided personal experiences that inspired her to do exceptional things. In today's society, I believe that many entrepreneurs have a vision but aren't sure how to make those visions a reality. With that being said, Raising The Boss perfectly executes the ups and downs of any new entrepreneurs. Lastly, Angel is an inspiration to many because of her courage and drive to do whatever it takes to achieve and exceed anything she puts her mind to.

Mahogany Dorsey, age 16
Frisco, TX

In Raising the Boss, Angel shares how her decision to get better at one thing changed her life. 

At the age of eight, Angel set a goal for herself: to raise enough money by herself to pay for tennis camp. Little did she know this one experience would transform her from a kid enjoying fun and sports to an inspirational speaker, a decorated black belt and professional author—all before the age of 16! Now, as she pursues her dream of becoming a physical therapy doctor, Angel helps other teens get on the right track to make their own dreams come true.

Angel teaches what she calls the "Five Benefits of Entrepreneurship"—leadership skills, social skills, goal setting, presentation skills and financial responsibility—to WIN in business and life. Raising the Boss offers detailed steps and proven strategies that have catapulted her to success and made her the person she is today.

Raising the Boss is Absolutely Amazing!!!!! It was very engaging and inspirational. You keep my attention the entire time. I love the tips you gave and I love how you centered it around what you experienced. I also was able to get a clear picture of your business and your personal growth. I'm so proud of you! Thank you for including me in your book, I'm so honored! This is going to a best seller! You truly are an inspiration and this is just a tip of the iceberg. Your Mom is doing such a wonderful job training you and coaching you. I love how you talk about the financial responsibility and how your Mom has given you the necessary tools to save and give. This book will help so many people and will open up so many more doors for you. I am so proud of you for!!!!! Congratulations again!

Priscilla Q. Williams, RN

Speaker ~ Author~ Health Expert & Women's Visionary Leader

"Raising the boss offers an excellent perspective for young women who are interested in business and entrepreneurship. The experiences Angel describes will motivate more young women to follow similar paths. It's a short read but it offers great insight and many practical examples for how to start a variety of enterprises, even at a young age. Great job!"

Rich Severin PT, DPT, CCS

"I met Angel when she was in 6th grade at a teen business plan competition. Even at the young age of 12, I remember thinking that something was different about her. She was confident and poised as she sold her cookies to everyone in the room. Now in high school, owner of multiple businesses and an author, Angel is a role model for youth who know they are called to be leaders in today's society.

Raising the Boss is a road map for young entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become one. Angel's journey inspires us to know that with passion, perseverance and hard work we can all achieve our dreams."

Keep up the great work!!!!!! It is amazing to see you from your ARISE days to where you are now.  So proud of you!!!

- Jamila Trimuel, Founder & Executive Director, Ladies of Virtue

Raising the Boss

With motivational advise, inspirational words and relatable stories that sets excellence as the standard, “Raising the Boss: Five Benefits of Entrepreneurship I Use to Win In Business and Life” is a knowledge filled book that will have every young person and adult alike who reads it excited to use the knowledge they have learned to start winning in business and in life!”

Gabrielle Jordan
Award-Winning Teen  Entrepreneur and International Speaker 


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"As the mother of a young entrepreneur, I find so much value in this book. As Angel shares her entrepreneurial experiences, you can clearly see the importance of early entrepreneurial development and the benefits it can have in the life of a child. Angel’s accomplishments are nothing less than incredible. However, accomplishments like these do not just happen; they develop with intention. This book will inspire both youth and adults to be intentional about developing young leaders.”

Marcella Mollon-Williams
Co-Founder, ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute

Be Inspired !

  • Leaders empower and inspire others. Leaders encourage people to think outside of the box.

  • There is a saying I keep hearing among entrepreneurs: "Do it scared"! I was starting to get it: facing your fears is not as bad as it seems.

  • It is your responsibility to teach those who come behind you. Some may call it giving back.

  • Your presentation is how you represent yourself. It can determine how people treat you. Presentation is everything...

  • Having good social skills has allowed me to make new friends since I have moved to Texas.